Back Pack Giveaway



Wow! We were blown away by all the courageous, inspiring, brave, talented and sometimes less fortunate girls that were nominated for our first ever Back Pack Giveaway. Reading through each email (and there were a lot), we're excited that Betsy Boo's Boutique can make a difference for these young girls.

We really wish we could give all the nominees something from Betsy Boo’s Boutique, but unfortunately, we had to choose just 20. Below are the winners and a little bit about them.

Ada – Age 4, Toccoa, GA: Ada endures daily treatments and medicine for Cystic Fibrosis and will be heading to Pre-kindergarten in September.

Leyna – Age 5, Lemoore, CA: Leyna is the oldest child in her family and will start kindergarten next week. Her dad is in the military and left for deployment in June. She has a big, caring heart and is instantly friends with anybody and everybody she meets.

Brooklyn – Age 6, East Point, KY : Brooklyn’s parents are unable to financially support new clothes/back pack for her due to some health issues. She is such a sweetheart. She would give someone anything she had if she thought it would help them

Libi – Age 8, Norway, IA: Libi has gone through some tough times during the last few years and will be attending a new school in the fall. She is a sweet, giggly and fun-loving girl that is excited to start fresh at her new school. She is the only girl with FOUR older brothers, so she definitely deserves a little spoiling and girly fun!

Daphne – Age 8, Orlando, FL: Daphne recently donated 14 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids. She is currently working with her girl scout unit to organize a cut-a-thon and sponsor a child for Wigs for Kids as well. She started running for charitable causes, running in two major races (5k’s) in her community for local food banks. She has also raised money for Limbs for Life, The Granger Academy and She Writes Love on Her Arms.

Madalyn – Age 11, Boyle, MS: Madalyn’s mom is a single mom who works two jobs to try and give her 3 kids what they need. Madalyn has had to grow up way too fast for an eleven-year-old.

Leah – Age 7 and Breanna - Age 10, Crowley, TX: Both girls were adopted after being abandoned by their parents. They have overcome so much in their short life and could really use the back packs to start off the school year.

Kristen – Age 7, Caledonia, MN: Kristen is always looking out for others and is friendly. She makes sure everyone is included and will play with everyone. She takes time to help those who are struggling and even the teacher asks her to help.  

Mercadees – Age 9, Sumner, IA: Mercadees is a kind hearted little girl that will give you anything she has, including her last M&M in the pouch, just to put a smile on your face. She will be entering the 4th grade and would love a new backpack for school.

Sky – Age 8, Owatonna, MN: After recently losing her dad to a motorcycle accident, both funeral and medical costs are adding up and Sky could use some back to school clothes.

Jubilee – Age 8, Beasley, TX: This girl wakes up every morning ready to love the world no matter if they don’t love her back. Currently being raised by a single dad, she faces life with a smile, lots of laughter, joy and love for all.

Tanager Place girl - Ages 5-16, Cedar Rapids, IA: Some girls that go to Tanager place come with little or nothing, so getting a new outfit and back pack will make a difference in how they feel about themselves.

Brooklynn – Age 10, Dallas, TX: Being the oldest of 3 girls and raised by a single mom, Brooklyn helps her mom take care of several babies during the day. She cleans the house and kids, and even cooks for them. She never lets things get her down that are out of her control.

McCartney – Age 10, French Lick, IN: McCartney has been through a lot in her life of only 10 years. She lost her father 13 months ago and then a short time later lost some very special items due to the flood.

Egypt: Age 10, Centerville, OH: Egypt is the most kind-hearted person. She is always willing to go beyond for anyone. The family has been going through a rough patch with her mom working two jobs to make ends meet. She couldn’t get school clothes to start the school year.

Gianna – Age 12, Budd Lake, NJ: Gianna has rarely gotten "new" clothes, school supplies and other fashion related items.  Gianna has never asked for cash, video games, a phone or anything ridiculously expensive...she asks for a new backpack for the school year that she can call her own.

Brennan – Age 14, Denham Springs, LA: Brennan has really been a trooper and helped her family out during the Great Flood of 2016. She is an encourager and her sweet spirit carried her mom through this difficult time.

Abigail – Age 15, Fort Smith, AR: Abigail helps with everything (with a smile) and has since her family become a foster home for kids four years ago.  She does all the laundry, cooking, and half of the cleaning.  She even wanted to spend her clothing money on the foster kids!!!! 

Mia - Age 14, Swisher, IA: Mia is such an inspiration. Over the summer she participated in Pacesetters, a camp that emphasizes service to other’s above everything else. Mia has carried that desire to serve, she regularly purchases diapers and baby food to donate to local shelters, and she uses her own allowance to purchase those items.

Thanks to all who took time to nominate these kick-butt girls. #BBBgivesback