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Growing up with 3 brothers, I'm a tomboy at heart. I'm super competitive and always up for a challenge, whether it be a kickball game in the backyard, skydiving, or running a 1/2 marathon, once I commit, I'm all systems go! Being a former athlete, I enjoy spending time with my husband at our three kids’ sporting events. 

I like to wear casual clothes throwing in bright, colorful items. Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but when I go out I like to dress it up a bit (as long as it’s comfortable) adding in a few accent pieces. Most of the time you’ll find me in t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, ball hats and the occasional t-shirt style dress with lots of color. 

Since joining the Betsy Boo’s staff, my favorite thing is checking out the new arrivals of our trendy, comfortable & affordable clothes. So send me a note if you have questions, I'd love to help you find the right size, fit, or color!

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